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Meet Our Team

Our therapy team here at Rhythm consists of 3 Registered Music Therapists, and 5 Therapy Assistants (including one very cute fluffy one!), with each individual bringing their own unique experiences and expertise to sessions. We also have a very patient Admin & Accounts Manager who keeps our ship sailing smoothly!


Registered Music Therapists (RMTs) have completed both a Master's in Music Therapy, as well as a Bachelor of Music. As RMT's we must maintain our professional membership through the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA) on a yearly basis, and as practising therapists, we are bound by their Code of Ethics. 

Our Therapy Assistants are currently studying either a Bachelor of Music, or are in the process of completing their Master's in Music Therapy. They receive regular supervision and training from Registered Therapists, as well as direct guidance on the music therapy programs that they are running with our clients. 

It is with great pride that we carefully handpick each of our therapists, based on their overall compassion, skillset, and the unique qualities that they can offer - so rest assured, that you will be in great hands!

Registered Music Therapists

Therapy Assistants


Stefano Esposito

Therapy Assistant



Luke Dowsett

Therapy Assistant

Siana Davis

Therapy Assistant



Megan Kendrick

Therapy Assistant


Rhonda Davidson

Therapy Assistant




Therapy Assistant
Delta Dog


Kassie Sofia
Business Owner
Managing Director

Registered Music Therapist, RMT
Neurologic Music Therapist, NMT

M.Mus.Thy. B.Mus. Dip.Ed.


Lauren Albury

Registered Music Therapist, RMT

M.Mus.Thy. B.Mus.

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