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Therapy Assistant


A gentle giant at heart, Monte is an incredibly goofy Golden Retriever who loves being a part of the team at Rhythm Music Therapy. As soon as Monte made the cut to join the team back in 2014, he was a perfect Therapy Assistant. Whilst Monte isn't the most energetic, outgoing dog, he is naturally a very patient, snuggly boy who loves nothing better than a pat...and the odd treat or three!

Monte is also a Registered Delta Therapy dog, who regularly volunteers to visit local Aged Care facilities, brightening up the resident's days with his smile, and cleaning their floors after their lunch - what a quality service he provides! 

In Music Therapy sessions, Monte has been known to provide a quality service as a Therapy Assistant, helping to regulate and calm both children and adults alike - he will often remain beside them for support and will patiently lay there while they pat him. Another perk of this sweet face is that he is a great helper in teaching non-verbal communication and social skills in sessions! 

When Monte isn't working, he loves to spend his time lazing about the home with his fur-siblings, going on short walks (no longer than 30 minutes or else he will lay down for a brief nap), and barking at the possums in the trees. His favourite outings are at the beach digging holes and eating fish and chips.

He looks forward to hopefully meeting a few of you at sessions in the future!

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