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Stefano Esposito

Therapy Assistant

BMus. MMusThy. 

In Progress


After working as a Music Therapy Assistant in South Australia, Stef moved to Queensland in 2021 to start a new journey with Rhythm Music Therapy. He recently graduated from his Bachelor of Music in 2023, majoring in production. He is excited that he has been accepted into, and is currently studying the Masters of Music Therapy course through the University of Melbourne. 


Back in Adelaide, Stef was lucky enough to work with NDIS participants to assist them in building their skills in anything from music production, songwriting and studio recording, to creating podcasts and instrument tuition. He has also mentored young musicians on the logistics of running an artist/band and becoming self-sufficient in their local music scene. As you can tell, Stef has such a passion for helping others, and also music, which is what has led him to want to study Music Therapy - as he says, it’s the ‘perfect fit.’ 


“There is something incredibly rewarding about helping others through music and seeing their potential come to life.”


Stef is 28 years old and has played the guitar since he was 9 years old. On top of this, Stef has 10 years of experience in the music industry, including running his own bands, songwriting, studio recording and live performance. He has a background in rock music with an open mind to all flavours of the music world. He teaches guitar, drums, singing, production and songwriting.


In his free time, Stef can be found surfing, rock climbing, exploring the outdoors, writing and performing music, playing with animals, or enjoying a beer with friends.

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