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Siana Davis

Therapy Assistant

Siana is currently studying her Master's in Music Therapy at the University of Melbourne. She completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Music Performance with the University of Canberra in 2021, and completed her year 11 and 12 schooling at Music Industry College in 2019. 


Siana openly discloses that she has been diagnosed as an autistic person at a young age, and has also experienced mental health comorbidities as an autistic adolescent in the past. Siana identifies that her lived experience provides a deep understanding of the neurodivergent experience, and utilises this lived expertise into her work as a training music therapist.


Siana began singing daily from the age of three, and  combined self teaching and professional singing lessons throughout the years. Siana also learned the bass guitar from age fourteen, and received lessons up until the end of her teenage years. From the age of fourteen to present, Siana has experience in songwriting, recording, performing, touring, managing, and releasing original music with her band. Siana also does mentoring for musicians in the music industry. In particular, Siana has a passion to coordinate live music events in the community that provide performance and showcasing opportunities for upcoming adolescent girls who want to play rock music. 


Outside of work, Siana enjoys travelling, cooking, watching movies and spending time with her dog, Ollie.

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